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Published: 06th May 2011
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Akuma is one of the most advance technological helmet companies thanks to their patented IPS (Integrated Power System). The IPS is a system that allow Akuma to input LED lighting in their helmet in such a way that it not only provide visibility but enhance its uniqueness, however, their IPS is not in all of their helmets line up and is only found in selected few. The V-1 Ghostrider and V-2 Stealth are two examples of Akuma helmets that do have the IPS.

The IPS allow Akuma to put a bright LED lighting at the front of the helmet that offers a significant amount of lighting which can help the rider for example read a map while on the side of the road. At the rear of the helmet located in the each exhaust ventilation is two infrared LED. This Infrared lighting can definitely help if for example another rider is following the direction of the first rider. Instead of getting distracted, the second rider can keep track of the infrared light from the helmet of the first rider.

In addition to their IPS, Akuma also offer some of the lightest fully carbon fiber helmet. The Phantom II MFR from Akuma weights only three pound, yet meets or exceed DOT and ECE safety standard. Some of the more expensive fully carbon fiber helmet can weigh up to four pounds. One pound difference might not seem a lot but once the long hour of riding is factor in, one pound can be one too many because the neck muscle supporting the helmet will be worn out.

Akuma offer helmets that are lightweight like the Phantom II MFR fully carbon fiber and technologically advance helmet like the V-1 Ghostrider and V-2 Stealth. However, what makes Akuma helmet truly astonishing, truly unique that makes them stand out from the rest of the group is the SOLFX Photochromatic visor that they have patented and have to offer for their helmets. The SOLFX Photochromatic material used by Akuma is nothing new and has been use in other application most notably the transition glasses that many have seen but not really paid attention to. The transition glasses that some wear turns dark as UV light hit the lens which not only make the glass usefully for seeing but also protect the eyes from harmful UV light. Like the transition glasses, the SOLFX Photochromatic visor that Akuma offer transit to dark as UV light hit the visor during a bright day or when riding in the direction of the sun. This will help the visibility of the rider, letting him or her see further down the road and making critical decision when needed to without hampering the judgment of the rider due to road condition. This visor is truly one of a kind and is what make Akuma one of the best.

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